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Zulu Tribe

More and more and MORE!
Zulu Language

It's 8:19 but is feels like 2:00, and in this early night, I give you my only words.......

   I would first like to thank 'Zulu Eco Adventures' for making such a helpful website for people like me who are so tired that they might just go to bed before 9:00. It would be a first in about all my years. You guys made it really easy to find information, so thank you for all of your help.
  To the Zulu nation for being....just being for the last hundreds of year. And good work on winning the war against Britian. It looks like two nations have beaten Britian now...goes to show you how well their army once was.
  To the coffee people at sheetz. I couldn't have done it without you guys! I hate coffee but you guys make it taste so good...sometimes. So this time I had to settle with a four pack of redbull...yeah...don't drink all four in one night. I'll be here all night!
  To the purple chickens that won't get out of my room since I drank those four redbulls. Yeah, the party is over, so get out. Moms going to kill me when she finds out I let you guys in. Go bother Logan's aunt for now on.
  To Linkin Park and there new cd 'minutes to midnight'! THANK YOU SO MUCH..for giving me something to lisen to while I did this project, from the report, the website, to the explaination on the connectino. You were in my head the whole time and I don't know if I Could have done this without you.
   To the library for letting me 'steal' there books with there knowing....yeah...those books helped a lot even though I didn't really help the books. They sat on my floor for a really long time...sorry.
  And last but not least, to my pillows in my bed for looking so comforting that I got all of my work done just so I could be with you at night. Thanks for being there when no one else was, for keeping me warm through the long and cold nights, and for not yelling at me when I through you at the spider crawling along the wall. I have ten of you so one missing didn't really matter. Sorry pillow numbered 3.

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